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Grand SK Corporation is one of America's leading Asian import and distribution specialists. Our mission is to provide our customers with unrivaled customer service and quality products at the best prices.

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We offer various, top-of-the-line exclusive products that cater to a variety of needs. We make sure that our private labels live up to the expectations of the target market. Our private labels include Hello Home, KOTO, KuHAUS, and Aloha Paper & Packaging.

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Our State of the art products imported and distributed to major outlets around the country has defined our corporation as reliable, innovative, limitless, and, therefore superior. Shop online to discover why so many customers choose our affordable products to improve their daily experiences.

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Grand SK Corporation
Our skilled import specialists invest tremendous time and effort sourcing the right products for your company to ensure quality and satisfaction while maintaining low pricing. By leveraging our buying power and our long term relationships and partnerships with Asian manufacturers, we provide our customers with products, service, and savings that cannot be matched. Our sourcing team constantly researches and studies the latest trends, technology and culture behind each and every product we supply. In addition to our product quality and service guarantee, our value is in our authenticity and understanding of our imports and your products.

As an American company based in New Jersey, with offices and distribution centers located strategically throughout the US, we provide our customers with accountability, availability, and timely delivery.

Our import roots began in housewares and food service supplies and equipment. Our customer base consists of distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, retail shops, offices, restaurants, factories and other food service companies and chains.

There is no company too small or too big for us to supply. Whether you need brand name products, our private label products, your own private label products, or mixed containers of various goods, we will make it happen. We know how valuable your time and money is and we assure you that by working with us you will have a peace of mind knowing that your products are in the right hands.